{{'Welcome to Waterhole Software'| translate}}

{{'Waterhole Miner was created to simplify PC and mobile mining for iOS and Android by implementing remote operation of the miner such as monitoring GPU temperature, hashrate, and fan speed.'| translate}} {{"With Waterhole, there is now total remote control of the miner for rebooting, restarting, and powering off as well as switching pools, changing algorithm, and modifying the wallet address from anywhere in the world, all conveniently at your fingertips."| translate}}

{{"Waterhole mobile application provides a safe and easy wallet to manage your multi-blockchain assets, including full-featured social networking, escrow contract services, and the best service for the whole mining economy."| translate}}




{{'Having difficulty monitoring your miner?'| translate}}

{{'Use the'| translate}} Waterhole App + Miner!

{{'Easily monitor all your miners.'| translate}}

{{'View GPU temperature, hashrate, and fanspeed from anywhere at any time.'| translate}}

{{'Quick notification if a miner goes offline!'| translate}}

{{'Want to configure your miners on-the-go?'| translate}}

{{'Use the'| translate}} Waterhole App + Miner!

{{'Remotely operate your miner such as pool, and adress directly from the mobile app!'| translate}}

{{'Do you want security and safety for your coins?'| translate}}

{{'Use the'| translate}} Waterhole APP {{'Wallet'| translate}}!

{{'Provides a safe and easy-to-use wallet to manage all your multi-blockchain assets in one convenient place.'| translate}}

{{'Deposit and withdraw quickly and safely!'| translate}}

{{'Need some privacy for your crypto-currency social circle?'| translate}}

{{'Use the'| translate}} Waterhole {{'encrypted chat'| translate}}!

{{"Waterhole's security system is bulit from the ground up and completely developed in-house. It dynamically encrypts all the user's communication and media files by randomly storing them into different cloud backend services such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud platforms."| translate}}

{{'We also provide multi-blockchain asset through our Red Packet function.'| translate}}

{{'There will be many BTC / ETH red packets from time to time.'| translate}}