{{'WaterholeMiner W1-8P104'| translate}}
{{'WaterholeMiner W1-8P104'| translate}}

{{'First batch of pre-sale 1000 units, priced at $4800'| translate}}
{{'Delivery at'| translate}} 2018.01.15 - 2018.02.15

{{'Sold out'| translate}}

{{'Second batch of pre-sale 1000 units, priced at $4800'| translate}}
{{'Delivery at'| translate}} 2018.02.15 - 2018.03.15

{{'Sold out'| translate}}

{{'Third batch of pre-sale 2000 units, price pending'| translate}}
{{'Expected at'| translate}} 2018.03.15 - 2018.04.15

{{'Will be on sale'| translate}}

{{'SPECIFICATIONS'| translate}}
{{'Waterhole W1-8P104'| translate}} {{'Other Miners'| translate}}
{{'GPU'| translate}} Nvidia P104-100 * 8 AMD RX470 * 8
CPU intel Apollo N3455 intel Celeron 3215U
{{'Storage'| translate}} 64G MSATA SSD {{'Unknown'| translate}}
{{'Memory'| translate}} 4GB DDR3L 4GB
{{'System'| translate}} Windows Windows
{{'Hashrate for ETH'| translate}} 305 MH/s ± 5% 230 MH/s ± 5%
ETH {{'Power consumption'| translate}} 1030 W 1250 W
{{'Hashrate for ZEC'| translate}} 3650 Sol/s ± 5% 2050 Sol/s ± 5%
ZEC {{'Power consumption'| translate}} 1510 W 1025 W
{{'Monitor remotely'| translate}} {{'Hashrate / temperature / fanspeed of each GPU'| translate}} {{'None'| translate}}
{{'Operate remotely'| translate}} {{'Reboot the miner / change the crypto-currency / change the pool / change the address'| translate}} {{'None'| translate}}
{{'HIGHLIGHTS'| translate}}

{{'Core - Stable High Hashrate'| translate}}

{{'Waterhole W1-8P104 is a new mining system that includes eight (8) graphic cards based on Nvidia GP104-100 GPU.'| translate}}
{{'The hashrate for Ethereum mining is around 305 MH/s.'| translate}}
{{'The hashrate for Zcash mining is around 3650 Sol/s.'| translate}}

{{'Coin'| translate}} {{'Hashrate'| translate}} pps {{'Price'| translate}} {{'Rev. / day'| translate}}
ETH 305 MH/s {{pool.eth.pps}} $ {{pool.eth.price.toFixed(2)}} $ {{pool.eth.income}}
ZEC 3650 Sol/s {{pool.zec.pps.toFixed(8)}} $ {{pool.zec.price.toFixed(2)}} $ {{pool.zec.income}}

{{'Hardware - Excellent Quality Control'| translate}}

{{'Excellent quality with excellent adjustment for fine tuning.'| translate}}
{{"GPU's temperature is just 50℃ on operation at full load."| translate}}
{{'Additional dust filters help reduce dust and damage to the graphic cards.'| translate}}

{{'Software - Remote Depth Monitoring & Remote Control'| translate}}

{{'Waterhole Miner + Waterhole App allows you to operate and monitor the miner remotely, such as rebooting the miner, change the crypto-currency, pool, and address…from anywhere!'| translate}}